A Mother's Story

To  The Staff At Kids in Camp

I cannot think of a better time than Thanksgiving weekend to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Kids in Camp staff in sending both my kids Timothy (Kodiak) and Jordan (Couchiching) to camp.  They both had the best times of their lives and, as a Mom, to see the smiles on their faces and to have the incredible memories for me was a dream come true.  Timothy has had so many struggles and obstacles in his life that for him to go to a camp that he fits in and can be himself was the best. .......... Jordan has had to sit in the background a lot, so for her to go to camp was a dream come true.  This was her time!!!!  Not only was the time that the kids went to camp a dream for them, but for me it also gave me a little break that was so very much appreciated.  As a parent with a child with special needs, I spend so much time advocating for my kids.  For those precious weeks, I could be selfish!!  LOL  To say thank you just seems so trivial, but from the bottom of my heart, if you could please extend my thanks to everyone at Kids in Camp.  May you and your families have a Happy Thanksgiving.