KIC Campers Tell Their Summer Stories

Was scared at first, then it was good. Sarah, Camp Kirk

I can do things by myself. Mackenzie, Camp Kirk

I liked that it was boys and girls but I think I would like girls only too. Mikaela, St Vincent de Paul

This summer was an “awesome” summer.  My favorite activities at camp is everything.
Ryann, Camp Robin Hood

Camp at Walden was a magnificent experience for me.  It allowed me to make great new friends and teach me how to interact with people of different ages.  The camp staff made me feel well at home and like I belonged there.  I felt comfortable about talking  to my counselors about any issues I had or even if I just wanted to talk.  The camp was a relaxing stress free kingdom where everyone got a long.  Truly was a great experience in my books. Tyler, Camp Walden.

I learned about turtules.  I also made New Friends.  I enjoyed rock climbing.  My counselors were awsome.  I miss Liz & Jennifer. They are so awesome and fun.  There was a volyball net and there were 6 beds in my cabin.  I don’t like being be side the door.  I wish I can see Liz and Jennifer agein.  They are so much fun to talk to.  Cassidy, Camp Kirk

I learned it doesn’t matter the weather or activity, all that matters is being with our friends and having an amazing time.  My favourite activities are ski & wake!  The staff were very helpful.  The camp setting is very relaxed never boring, fun exciting.  Camp is the best expirence! I wouldn’t want to spend my summers any other way!  Rachel, Tamarack

I had lots and lots and lots of fun at camp.  Camp is so fun and it is awesome.  I am having lots and lots and lots and lots of fun.  I learned about nothing boring.  I made new friends at camp. I enjoyed everything at camp and my favourite activity was everything we did.  My counselors were awesome. I had 3 counselors.  Seth, YMCA Camp Queen Elizabeth

Camp was not only a good experience but was an incredible experience!  Camp Tapawingo has allowed me to explore all kinds of different activities, crafts and games that I have never even heard of.  Not only did I learn new things but I got to get away from all the stress.  And from all the fears- and its also a great chance to meet new people.  Sydney, Camp Tapawingo

Overall camp was the best thing that ever happened to me.  And I hope to be coming back every year with plans to become a counselor.  And I just wish that there will be a kid like me that I will be just as good a councellor as mine were.  Sydney, Camp Tapawingo

I learned how to use a bow and arrow and made so many friends.  Nobody mean was there I enjoyed every activaty my councler was nice and kind.  The camp setting was amazing!!!  I like this camp so much because of how fun the activaties were and how nice to us.  Gabriel, Camp Kodiak

It was a good experience because I didn’t get sick this time.  I made a lot of new friends, I caught a turtle and there are a lot of activities.  I didn’t like getting up early.  My favorite activity was arts and swimming.  My counsellers were fun.  I would describe the camp as fun, lots of friends to make and you don’t starve.  Emma, St. Vincent de Paul Camp

Camp has been amazing!  The setting, its pretty nice.  I like the space and the wooden cabins they’re totally cool!  I made a lot of new friends.  Taylor and I have a great laugh in the cabin.  Everyone else…well there so nice too!  The councellors always say hey! How are you? Hi five! I felt very welcomed.  My favourite things to do?  Well let me tell you floor hockey and music!  And let’s just say after music today I’m definitely going to buy a bass guitar! I love this camp!  It’s just all round crazy fun!  Bobby, Camp Kennebec

This year went a lot faster maybe because I was having so much fun! Johnathan, Camp Kennebec

I learned how to kick with the side of my foot. I made new friends with every one in my cabin. I enjoyed soccer. My counsellor was nice.  I like it a lot.  I was upset when I had to leave. 
Michael, Selah Camp

I learned that serviving out in the wild is hard.  Yes I made a lot of new friends like Nateley.  I enjoyed kayaking it was awsome.  My counselors are nice and funny and have a good style. McKenzie, Selah Camp 

What I learned was how to swim and do C.P.R.  That was really new to me.  I made a lot of new friends.  Each of them carry at least one personality that I carry, which is what I love about them.  The activities that I enjoyed was capture the flag and gaga ball, and the hiking trip.  I t envolved moving around which was awesome.  My counsellors were awesome and funny.  I’ve never had counsellors like them.  The camp setting was really spacious and big.  It was really fun to run around.  Lamar, Lake Scugog Camp